Comfort Zone

Why do we trap ourselves in a shell that contains all of the things and places that we are comfortable with, never wanting to peek our heads out to discover new things? Is it because we are scared? Are we avoiding disappointment? Could it be that we have some form of PTSD for trying new things because it has been failed attempt after failed attempt in the past? There is no reason as to why we should be scare or nervous to try new things.

When we open ourselves up to something new we are challeging ourselves to adjust to a new way of life. But, we don’t always have to adjust. Just because we have found a new activity or a new meal or a new job does not mean that is where we need to stay. It does not mean we need to now include that into our daily habits or schedule. It is OK to just let some things be just a ‘one time’ thing or a ‘few times’ thing. We put ourselves in this mindset that since we have now added something new in our life now we need to try and squeeze it into our, already busy, life.

Me… I am one of those people. I never really understood why I stay in my shell or why I could never bring myself to journey outside my land of comfortability.. It has always been just that I “don’t want to” and that is that. I can’t really pinpoint a time of my life when it all started. I grew up a major tomboy, so I was ALL about adventure and taking risks, and then one day I just couldn’t. It was not until very recently that I started pushing myself to be a little more open about trying new things and I now realize that throughout the years I started to becomes fearful of certain things that have made me not want to reach outside my comfort zone to try new activities. For example spiders…. I’m arachnophobic so spiders are a NO GO for me! (except for Lucas the spider.. he’s kinda cute in a horrifying, don’t come at me in real life, kind of way) so camping, hiking, going to the river, moving to Texas where everything is bigger (INCLUDING THE SPIDERS!) were kind of frightening to me. But, I have overcome that fear, and even though I don’t like certain things.. SPIDERS.. that may be in or around places I wish to venture out to, I still give it a chance. If I don’t like it then I don’t have to go back to that specific place I did not like but at least I tried. I don’t have to eat that squid ever again but at least I can verify I don’t like it for a logical reason and not just because it looks gross.

There has to be a point where we say “it’s time to get out of our comfort zone” or else we are never going to experience life’s greatest treasures, taste some really good food, or even have funny memories about adventures or foods that didn’t go well for you, for me, for us.. We have to take risks. We have to have fun. There is so much more to life than what we know because we shove it in the junk drawer with all of the other knick knacks and “junk” we could care less for but in reality those knick knacks may be useful for other areas of our life we never knew about or never knew we needed it for. We could meet a great friend by taking that spontaneous trip to Spain or even just by going out for one night. You may even find a new hobby you really enjoy like hiking, public speaking, etc. Some people are content staying in their comfort zone, but I know once I inched my foot outside the line I made some great memories, had some really amazing times and met some awesome people. I found new foods I would have never expected to enter my digestive system AND LIKED IT!

I have probably repeated myself enough by now but here’s one more time… Get out of your comfort zone, try new things, at least once in a blue moon to get a taste of something new. I promise you won’t regret it.. Well you might.. But hey, that’s what makes the greatest memories

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A writer from Sacramento, Ca who has endured far more heartache than ever anticipated. The pain was transformed into art where hands would write about the things the mouth could not speak of or the emotions that could not be expressed any other way.

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