“For The Amazon”

Photo Credit: Gabriel de Oliveira

The same rainforest that measures to the same size of the United States, the largest rainforest in the world, contributing to 20% of the world’s oxygen. The same rainforest that produces many important and critical ingredients to our medicines and more. The same rainforest that houses more species of plants and animals than anywhere else and is home to many people, as well. It is burning and it is not ok.

I get the whole global warming thing, but the reason for global warming was to keep the “greenhouse effect” leveled. This would make sure the climate stays steady and we have enough cold to keep our ice frozen to ensure the safety and population of our cold creatures but enough warmth and sun for food production. With all of the burning of fossil fuels, coals, and oils, we have damaged the atmosphere causing the release of an excessive amount of CO2 which blocks oxygen from escaping the atmosphere, causing heat to become “trapped” resulting in hotter temperatures. The ice is melting and many animals are going extinct which leads me to bring up one of our current issues going on right now, the Amazon Rainforest fires.

“The Amazon is the largest, most biodiverse forest in the world and is indisputably one of the world’s greatest natural climate solutions due to its key role in global climate, as well as a critical source of freshwater. It is also vital to global rainfall patterns.”

– Rainforest Alliance

The Amazon Rainforest is in flames right now and a lot of people don’t understand the impact this has on the rest of the world. With all of the fires today and in previous years, the Amazon Rainforest is on the brink of disappearing and become nothing within the next 50 years. The Amazon makes up about 20% of the world’s oxygen as it is the largest rainforest in the world. The plants and trees in the rainforest absorb the CO2 from the air and use it to grow and then releases Oxygen back into the air – BAM! Photosynthesis. Due to the fires though, the forest is now also releasing CO2 into the air on top of all of the other CO2 we generate from burning fuels and oils! The excessive amount of CO2 being released into the air and atmosphere could lead to catastrophic consequences if it continues. This means not enough oxygen is being produced as the resources needed are burning!

By Ashitha NageshBBC News – AFP

What about the animals?! Aside from all of the air pollution from the smoke and global warming issues worsening from the fires. What about all of the insects, animals and even people who call the Amazon Rainforest, and surrounding areas, their home? The Amazon fires are burning down homes of many animals and cutting off their food and water supply. The water is becoming tainted from the ash and debris, how are they supposed to survive? There are so many species we are still learning about that could be going extinct due to all of these fires, and it’s not just in 2019. These issues with using fires to control the climate change and ensure global warming can be controlled by mankind instead of letting nature work its magic, has caused so much damage. We can clearly see this with how the climate has shifted so much in the past years. Summers are getting hotter and winters are shorter and not as wet as they used to be. This issue has been going on for over a decade.

The point in all of this is to bring awareness that the world is changing drastically, and even though we may not be here to witness it because it is a slow process.. the world is dying. The world is on the brink of drying up and killing off all living beings here on earth. We may still have about another 100 years which you may think is a lot, or not so bad, because you’ll be long gone, but what about our next generations and the ones after that? Are we going to let them suffer and watch global warming and climate control suck out all the life of the place they call home? We can make a change. It all starts with us. It all starts now. Plant a tree, water your plants, keep nature alive because nature is what keeps you alive. Nature provides the oxygen we breathe, good clean oxygen. Without all of our trees and plants we would be breathing nothing but CO2, infecting our lungs causing shorter life spans. It’s the sad truth.

Created by @jasminesmodernlifee

This topic is something that has hit me hard lately. Watching the Amazon Rainforest burn, all the smoke being added to our air, all of the animals and people suffering, it’s tragic. It’s not meant to be an exciting post or even interesting, it’s meant to bring awareness. If you want to help plant some trees, look into organizations that are accepting donations or volunteer for said organizations to help keep the Amazon alive. Or if you want to donate but gain something to remind yourself that you are helping save our rainforest, reach out to my sister-in-law who inspired me to write this blog. She started a project making Amazon inspired embroidery hoop pieces and selling them for $10 each to collect donations. She is giving all monies collected to The Rainforest Alliance to help save the Amazon Rainforest. You can reach out to her via Instagram @ jasminesmodernlifee or click the link below and it will direct you right to her page. Thanks for reading guys, I hope I inspired even just one person to want to save the planet a little more than before. We can’t live without our planet, and our planet can’t live without us.

Click here for more info on the embroidery pieces: https://www.instagram.com/jasminesmodernlifee/

Created by @jasminesmodernlifee

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A writer from Sacramento, Ca who has endured far more heartache than ever anticipated. The pain was transformed into art where hands would write about the things the mouth could not speak of or the emotions that could not be expressed any other way.

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